Xenoblade: An Epic Well Worth The Wait

The Xeno series has a long and messy history. It started with 1998’s Xenogears on the PS1, created by Square (now Square Enix) under the direction of husband-and-wife duo Tetsuya Takahashi and Soraya Saga. The game had an incredibly ambitious story, but no budget. Most of Disc 2’s gameplay had to be cut to put... Continue Reading →

The History of Anine: Part 6 – Past, Present, and Future

The 2010’s were, in some ways, a culmination of the past 100 years of anime history. Online streaming came into its own, causing an influx of new content and bridging the gap between Japan and the rest of the world. New genres came into the spotlight, and old classics were improved upon. Anime became a... Continue Reading →

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