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The Awesome, Amazing, and Fantastic Super Happy Love Award

I’m pretty late to the party on this one, but I really love the concept so I wanted to share this with y’all. First off I wanted to thank the amazing Irina for nominating me to do this and Pinkie for creating this challenge – they’re both fantastic bloggers so make sure you give them a follow if you haven’t already!

There’s a lot of negativity on the internet these days, whether it’s people arguing about politics, religion, or whose waifus are top-tier and whose are literal trash. So I want to do a 100% completely positive post on Valentine’s Day for everybody! Rules are as follows:

1. Thank the one who tagged you and if at all please tag the original post as well. This is my first blog tag and a bit of a passion project so I would like to see where it spreads! Oh and use Super-Happy-Love as a tag!
2. Display the Super Happy Love Logo in your post Share the rules!
3. Choose a minimum of 2 out of these 6 prompts to answer in this blog! More is always allowed! These six prompts are as follows!

– Tell about a person you love, this can be a friend, partner but also a celebrity or even youtuber who means a lot to you. As long as they once took breath on this earthly realm you are allowed to  pick them… Tell us why you love them.

While I don’t talk about my personal relationships too much on this blog, I wanted to give a big shout-out to my best friend Akira. She’s one of the smartest, funniest, and kindest human beings I’ve ever met. She’s always there to support me when I do well or give me a shoulder to lean on when I’m having a rough day. Plus she loves anime and I even got her to watch all 148 episodes of Hunter x Hunter, so she’s automatically the best person ever in my eyes!

Image result for killua hunter x hunter genderbend
Since she doesn’t post her pictures much online I wanted to just post her Discord avatar, which is a genderbent version of Killua 😀

– Write something about a fandom or franchise you love. It can be your favorite game series or about just about anything that is bigger than just a single product! Tell us why you live this so much!

My favorite game series, by far, is The Legend of Zelda. I could go on for ages about what makes these games so great (and hell, I probably will in a future post!). There’s the beautiful and expansive world of Hyrule, the amazing and underappreciated story and characters, and the MUSIC! Oh my god, the music in Zelda is so good. I’m listening to it right now as I’m writing this post! The Zelda games make me feel like a kid again, but they also have a lot of important themes that I’ve kept with me in my adult life. I love these games so much and I can’t wait to see what wonderful ideas Nintendo has in store for the next one!

Takes me way back…

– Tell us something about a character that you love. Do you have a Waifu, a Husbando, maybe a mentor or someone who taught you a valuable lesson. Tell us why you love them.

Oh jeez… do I have to pick just one?

I only watched Mob Psycho 100 like, a few weeks ago, but it’s already become one of my Top 10 all-time favorite anime. And one of the biggest reasons for that is its protagonist, Shigeo Kageyama (aka Mob). He’s a shy, neurotic kid with psychic powers and a dorky bowl cut (so basically me when I was 14, minus the psychic bit). But he always tries his best to help others and improve himself, and his incredible empathy helps him build deep bonds with those closest to him. His mentor Reigen says of him, “The greatest thing about Mob is not his psychic abilities, but his ability to say exactly what he feels.” I never thought I’d find such a relatable and inspiring character in such a goofy, over-the-top action comedy anime! (I’m definitely going to write a Character Arcs post on Mob… eventually)

Image result for mob psycho 100

– Tell us something about a piece of music that you love. Does a anime intro mean a lot to you? Did you have a special memory to a pop song, like your first dance at your wedding? Maybe a piece of video game music? If you love it, you should tell us why!

If there’s one thing in this world I love more than anime, it’s music! My forever favorite band is Against Me! a folk punk band from my home state of Florida. Their lead singer, Laura Jane Grace, came out as transgender back in 2011 and wrote an entire album called Transgender Dysphoria Blues all about what that experience was like. It’s some of the most real and honest music there is. This song, “True Trans Soul Rebel” – the first time I heard this song it legit changed my life. It made me realize there was nothing wrong with me being who I am and gave me the courage to come out as trans myself. Just listen to it!

– Show us why you love a piece of media so much! A Book, A Game, A Anime, A Movie maybe even a random piece of fan art, you are free to pick as long as you can show us why you love it.

Well they said, show, not tell, so, uh… I really love Re:Zero, so check out this fanart I did of Ferri-chan!

–  Write something about yourself that you love! For those who like a challenge, there is a hard mode in this blog prompt as well. Tell us why you love a certain aspect of yourself

This is definitely the hardest one. Most of the time, to be honest, I don’t really like myself all that much. But I think if there’s one thing I really value about myself, it’s my personal integrity. I have never really had much interest in a lot of the things people get worked up about like money, power, fame, social status, or whatever. I just want to live a happy and fulfilling life while doing as much good in the world as I possibly can. I always try to treat everyone fairly and don’t judge others for being different than me. Most importantly, I always am honest to others (and myself) about how I’m feeling, because after spending so long in the closet I don’t want to hide anything anymore.Tag 6 bloggers you love so they can take on this challenge as well.

5. Tag 6 bloggers you love so they can take on this challenge as well.
6. Everyone who comments something lovely about your post ALSO gets nominated. (Should they so choose)

I don’t know who to tag in this because I’m pretty sure everyone I follow has done this already – so if you read this and you haven’t done it, I challenge you to do it! I’m sure it will make people smile 🙂

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