5 Anime That Would Be Awesome as Video Games

Anime and video games have been an odd couple since the beginning. There have been tons of video games based on anime over the years, and games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are clearly inspired by anime’s unique visual style and storytelling. But a lot of anime-based games don’t use the source material to their full potential. Most of them are Street Fighter knockoffs or mobile games designed to waste your time and money on gacha mechanics (no thanks!). So I thought I’d talk about some anime that I think would make amazing video games. I’m sure none of these will be made, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Made in Abyss – A dungeon crawler with RPG and platforming elements

This one’s so obvious, I’m shocked that it hasn’t been made yet. The world of Made in Abyss feels like the perfect setting for a video game, from its nightmarish monster designs to the way the Abyss is separated into different levels that all increase in difficulty. To me, this game could be a 3D Metroidvania, where you jump and shoot your way through the Abyss’ massive dungeons and explore every nook and cranny for loot. There could even be a survival mechanic, where Riko and Reg must find food to replenish their health and stamina, and use Reg’s grapple ability to avoid dangerous hazards and enemies. Just writing this makes me want to play it so bad!

Cardcaptor Sakura – Basically, Pokémon as an action-RPG

Do people still like Cardcaptor Sakura? Well, I do! It’s so cute, and super gay. It combines the classic magical girl formula with the monster collecting element that made Pokémon such a hit, and I think it would be a lot of fun to play as a game. The object would be to collect all 53 Clow Cards by defeating them in combat, and each one would give you new unique abilities and powerups. Maybe you could play co-op with Sakura’s bestie Syaoran, or there could be a multiplayer option to compete with your friends. The light, laid back feel of the anime would make this game great for casual players and kids of all ages. 

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime – A Civilization-esque strategy game

I feel like including an isekai is cheating, but Slime-sama is different from most isekai in that it’s more about building a nation than vanquishing a foe. I’m a huge fan of the Civilization games, where you play as a real-life historical leader and build a nation from a tiny village to an industrialized superpower. So why not do the same thing in a fantasy setting? You could bring all the races of goblins, orcs, and big-chested yokai unto your fold, fending off invaders and expanding your influence through clever tactics and diplomacy. Best Slime Rimuru’s overpowered abilities would be a lot of fun to use in combat, but you could also try to go for a peaceful victory to avoid unnecessary conflicts. As long as Nuclear Gandhi doesn’t show up, we’re good!

Ghost in the Shell – A cyberpunk stealth shooter

Cyberpunk seems to be coming back in vogue these days, so why not have a game based on Ghost in the Shell, one of the best works the genre has to offer? Major Kusanagi is a top-tier badass, and you could use her cybernetic body and l33t haxx0r skills for some awesome combat and stealth mechanics. You could rush into a building and gun down the bad guys, or hack into their security system and shut everything down before they notice. It could a dystopian Metal Gear Solid. Hell, why not just hire Hideo Kojima to direct it? I’m pretty sure he’s not busy.

Fullmetal Alchemist – An open-world action-adventure

FMA had a few games come out in its heyday, but they were all kinda “meh”, and came out before open-world games were a thing. But could you imagine a game like Breath of the Wild set in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe? It would be insane! You could play as Ed or Al, following their story in the anime and exploring the massive world of Amestris. Imagine going from the desert ruins of Xerxes to the icy battleground of Fort Briggs, using your alchemical knowledge to find the truth behind the Philosopher’s Stone and defeat the Homunculi in epic God of War-style boss battles. Maybe you could even play as other characters for certain parts, like reliving Mustang’s incredible fight with Lust in Brotherhood. Or you could even bring your friends along for some old-school multiplayer co-op! The possibilities are endless. Come on, game developers! A great FMA game would have all of you swimming in pools full of money, Scrooge McDuck-style.

Image result for wario money
Or maybe Wario-style would be better, since we’re talking about games after all

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