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Pyra and Mythra might be my new Smash mains

The dynamic sword duo, Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2, have just been released as DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I’ve played Smash since the N64 days, but I’ve always mained Link or Marth because of how easy they are to use (read: I suck). Pyra/Mythra might change that, though. Their moves are flashy and fun, their two forms make for a classic yet unique fighting style, and they are just so… dang… cute, y’all.

But why did they give Pyra booty shorts?

For those unfamiliar Xenoblade’s confusing yet gorgeous world, Pyra and Mythra are two forms of the Aegis, a sentient anthropomorphized magic sword/crystal summoned by the cheeky Rex. (In JoJo terms, they’re a Stand.) You switch between them with your down special, and each has different strengths and abilities. Pyra’s fire attacks emphasize her raw power, while Mythra’s lightning blasts aim to overwhelm foes with quick hits. Regular attacks are mostly the same, but their stylish specials give each fighter their own unique flair.

Swapping characters on the fly is always fun in Smash, but it’s hard to implement it well. In Melee, for example, Zelda and Sheik played so differently from each other that it was easier to stick with just one. Switching between Pyra and Mythra is much more intuitive, as their playstyles complement each other. I use Mythra’s Photon Edge to rack up damage, and Pyra’s powerful smash attacks as a finisher. It’s easy to tell who’s more useful in a pinch, and switching at the right time can throw opponents off their game. One of their alternate costumes even swaps their outfits and hair colors, in case you like to low-key mess with other players.

Redhead Mythra is cute too…

It feels like every time a new Smash character is unveiled, there is a small but vocal corner of the Internet that gets shitty about this game they supposedly like. I’ve seen a lot of “TOO MUCH ANIME SWORD” with Pyra and Mythra’s announcement, just like with Byleth and Sephiroth and Joker and… hmm, there actually a lot of them! But I hope the non-jaded Smash community will give Pyra and Mythra a chance. They’re a blast to play, even if you’re not a Xenoblade fan, and feel right at home in the roster. Plus, they come with a new stage and some bangin’ tunes from some of the best composers in the biz. And as far as the DLC fighters go, anything is still better than Piranha Plant.

Even Kirby gets a glow up!

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