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Dear Anime Industry: No AI “Art”

What a time to be alive. Barely a year ago, advanced generative AI was the stuff of science fiction. But now, you can ask Bing to look up movie times (if it actually works) ChatGPT to write essays and cover letters, and DALL-E to make a picture of anything you ask it to. These systems... Continue Reading →

The Unique Joy of the LBGTQ+ Anime Fandom

Online fandoms have come a long way since the halcyon days of the internet, when the only way to find people with similar interests was to load up a GameFAQs message board on a sluggish dial-up connection. Nowadays, though, all it takes is a quick search on Reddit, Discord, or (RIP) Twitter to find millions... Continue Reading →

Top 5 (Living) Anime Moms

This was supposed to be done by Mother's Day, but I never do anything on time, so why start now? I wanted to do this cute post on my favorite anime moms for a while now, but I realized that way too many moms in anime die before the opening credits. That would make this... Continue Reading →

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