The History of Anime: Part 2 – Enter the Space Race

Japanese animation made some major milestones in its early years, but it wasn’t until the 1960’s and 70’s that it developed its own identity. This is when the distinctive anime art style emerged, when mecha and magical girl anime first took over the airwaves, and when anime first became exported around the world. The world... Continue Reading →

The History of Anime: Part 1 – Humble Beginnings

Anime is, in my opinion, one of the most unique forms of storytelling out there. The beautifully drawn artwork, the colorful characters, the vibrant culture, the sheer weirdness of it all... there's truly nothing else like it. But when did anime start? How did it become the cultural juggernaut it is today? I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Re:Zero S2E11 – The Taste of Death

SPOILERS *Sigh* We're never going to see that intro again, are we? Opening with a heartbreaking shot of Rem still unconscious, we then cut back to Subaru’s second time confronting Betty in the library. She still has the Gospel, as before, but this time we learn the pages are blank. It stopped showing Betty’s future... Continue Reading →

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