Music in Anime: The K-On Girls’ Awesome Instruments

If K-On doesn’t make you smile, you’re dead inside. I love all the adorable moe girls and their band, Ho-kago Tea Time. But their songs are fairly simple, so there’s not much I could write about them besides “OMG so cute” and “Mio rocks!”. So I decided to write about their instruments instead! They are... Continue Reading →

Music in Anime – Joe Hisaishi, the Composer of Our Childhoods

Studio Ghibli films are my antidote to nihilism. They vary in tone and genre, but they all have the most breathtaking hand-drawn animation in history, deep themes about nature and humanity, strong female protagonists, and some of the best music ever put onto film. Joe Hisaishi has composed the soundtrack to nearly every Ghibli classic,... Continue Reading →

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