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My Favorite Random Things of 2022

2022 was a rough year in a string of *rough* years for the world. It was a year of war, toxic politics, COVID still lingering, and whatever the heck Elon Musk has been up to recently. But amidst all the garbage, there were a few things that made 2022 a bit more bearable. Some of... Continue Reading →

Dead End: Paranormal Park – The Most Wholesome Halloween Show

With my usual timeliness, here’s a Halloween post! Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. The costumes, the lowered inhibitions, the so-bad-they’re-good horror flicks, the candy, the ability to be anyone you want to be… it all makes me feel so gay (as in happy). So I was delighted to see a new gay (as... Continue Reading →

Toradora: The Taiga and the Dragon

In Japanese mythology, the tiger and the dragon are rivals, but equal in strength. The tiger represents the earth, passion, and the physical world. The dragon represents the sky, the ocean, wisdom, and the spiritual world. Their clashes can shake the heavens, but neither can completely overpower the other. The truth is, they both need... Continue Reading →

Bye for now…

Hey y’all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly on here, and I wanted to explain what’s been going on and where I’m at mentally. To be honest, I’m kinda burned out on the whole blogging thing. I’ve done like 20 different drafts on various topics, but I can’t seem to finish any of... Continue Reading →

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