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Old Zelda Games Are My Geek Comfort Food

2020 was a horrible year, but one of the things it taught me was how to appreciate the simple comforts when life gets too overwhelming. A brisk winter's morning, a hot bowl of pasta, a cuddle sesh with my puppy, and nostalgic Legend of Zelda games from my childhood. Replaying Zelda has become my yearly... Continue Reading →

5 Anime That Would Be Awesome as Video Games

Anime and video games have been an odd couple since the beginning. There have been tons of video games based on anime over the years, and games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest are clearly inspired by anime’s unique visual style and storytelling. But a lot of anime-based games don't use the source material to their full potential. Most of them are Street Fighter knockoffs or mobile games designed to waste your time and money on gacha mechanics (no thanks!). So I thought I’d talk about some anime that I think would make amazing video games. I'm sure none of these will be made, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

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