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The History of Anime: Part 4 – Taking Over The World

The anime industry reached its artistic high point in the 1980’s, but the good times wouldn’t last. The Japanese stock market crashed in 1991, thanks to (what else?) corporate corruption and an incompetent banking system. Millions of people lost everything, and businesses were forced to close or restructure to survive. In this “Lost Decade”, people... Continue Reading →

Anime Pride Month – Cardcaptor Sakura Was Gayer (and Better) in Japan

When it comes to 90's magical girl anime, you can't get much better than Cardcaptor Sakura. Coming off the success of both Sailor Moon and Pokémon, the show had a great blend of adventure, romance, and wholesome slice-of-life moments. I loved it as a kid, and I still turn it on whenever I need a... Continue Reading →

5 Anime Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Even at the best of times, life can often be exhausting, unpredictable, and needlessly cruel. And in times of crisis, we all could use a pick me up! There are tons of deep, compelling anime that will blow your mind and fuck up your life, but there are also some cute, beautiful, and inspiring series... Continue Reading →

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