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Demon Slayer Mugen Train: All Aboard The Hype Train

I’m 100% Shonen trash, which means I love Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The gorgeously detailed setpieces, unique historical setting, and memorable cast of characters (and Zenitsu) made for one of the most exciting Shonen Jump series in recent memory. I binged the entire manga shortly after finishing the first anime season, which only made... Continue Reading →

Music in Anime: How Yuki Kajiura Defined Modern Anime OSTs

Maybe it's from playing classical piano as a kid, but I've always been fascinated by movie, TV and game soundtracks. A lot of artistry and craft goes into writing the perfect piece to stir and audience's heartstrings, and often these composers don't get the credit they're due. So today I wanted to talk about one... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on the Coronavirus delays…

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on the entertainment industry, and the world of anime has been hit especially hard. Tons of popular shows and movies have been delayed, including some, like Re:Zero Season 2 and Evangelion 4.0, that have been many years in the making. Obviously, the most important thing is the health... Continue Reading →

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