Fire Emblem Arcs: Understanding Edelgard’s War

SPOILERS for the Crimson Flower and Azure Moon routes of Fire Emblem Three Houses. In every route of Fire Emblem Three Houses except one, Edelgard is the primary antagonist. Her war against the Church of Seiros forces the squabbling factions in Fódlan to unite and fight against her Empire. In the first half of the... Continue Reading →

Fire Emblem Arcs: Claude Von Riegan’s Dream For A Better World

(Yup, it’s another Three Houses character post. This is slowly becoming a Fire Emblem blog, but I promise I’ll have some anime content too, eventually. Much of the research for this post comes from Fire Emblem Wiki.) Even before Fire Emblem Three Houses came out, Claude Von Riegan was the game’s golden boy. Maybe it’s... Continue Reading →

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