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When you wear a mask for so long, you don’t remember what your real face looks like

This isn't really a fun post and I'm not really sure if I should even bother writing about this, but it's just something in my personal life that has been on my mind and I have to get it off my chest for a bit. Sorry if this is kind of long and doesn't really... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts for 2020…

I can't believe it's 2020 now. It's crazy, right? I wanted to write a kind of life update around New Years, but unfortunately I was crazy busy moving to a new place, working, and just dealing with all the stress of the holidays. It's been a stressful month for me, but luckily things are finally... Continue Reading →

The House That Built Me

I think I was eight years old when I first tried on women's clothing. (TW: transphobia, homophobia, child abuse) I had a pretty normal childhood for a white, middle-class American in the 90's. I grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts, one of a seemingly endless chain of suburbs in the Greater Boston Area, to a second-generation... Continue Reading →

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