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Music in Anime: Why You Should Watch Symphogear

Symphogear is the best anime that you've probably never heard of. It is a magical girl/super robot/music anime where a bunch of adorable girls fight aliens in the most over-the-top action scenes imaginable (in a good way), using mech suits powered by J-Pop. If you took every anime ever made and threw it into a... Continue Reading →

Character Arcs: Izuku Midoriya and Redefining the Shonen Underdog

"I'm no longer the useless Deku who can't do anything right... I'm the Deku who gives it his all!!" So there's this show called My Hero Academia. You might have heard of it. It's been one of the most consistently awesome shonen battle anime since it's debut in 2016, and helped redefine the genre for... Continue Reading →

My favorite first episodes in anime

The opening to a story is probably one of the most difficult things to write in any medium. In just a few pages or a few minutes of screen time, the writer has to establish characters, setting, tone, genre, a central conflict, motivation, and a strong hook - all without overwhelming the viewer with information... Continue Reading →

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