The History of Anime: Part 6 – Past, Present, and Future

The 2010’s were, in some ways, a culmination of the past 100 years of anime history. Online streaming came into its own, causing an influx of new content and bridging the gap between Japan and the rest of the world. New genres came into the spotlight, and old classics were improved upon. Anime became a... Continue Reading →

Re:Zero S2E13 – The Show That Makes Weebs Cry Constantly

Y’all, I’m going to level with you. This one’s a bit by the seat of my pants. Usually I take extensive notes for each episode, but I was so entranced by this one that I didn’t want to miss a single moment. Let’s just jump in, shall we? Satella is the final guest of the... Continue Reading →

Re:Zero S2E11 – The Taste of Death

SPOILERS *Sigh* We're never going to see that intro again, are we? Opening with a heartbreaking shot of Rem still unconscious, we then cut back to Subaru’s second time confronting Betty in the library. She still has the Gospel, as before, but this time we learn the pages are blank. It stopped showing Betty’s future... Continue Reading →

Re:Zero S2E7 – Enter the Beatrix

SPOILERS Sorry this post is a couple days late! I just started a new job and it's been kicking my ass lately, so I haven't been able to give Re:Zero my full undivided attention until today. But even still, I couldn't wait to see Subaru's confrontation with Beatrice that was teased in the last episode.... Continue Reading →

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