Re:Zero S2E4 – I’m Not Crying, There’s Pilaf In My Eyes

SPOILERS Re:Zero is A Lot of Things. It's set up as a pulpy isekai fantasy romp, but it's also got horror, mystery, action, drama, comedy... and as Subaru finally comes face to face with his past, Re:Zero takes another direction entirely. This episode was a saccharine slice-of-life drama, complete with soft tones, Sakura petals, and... Continue Reading →

Re:Zero S2E2 – More Mysteries, More Maids

SPOILERS for S2, no LN spoilers for anime only watchers Now that we're all caught up on the madness that is Re:Zero, it's time to begin the story proper. These first two episodes form an extended prologue to Arc 4, in which Subaru and Emilia are trapped in a demi-human sanctuary and must uncover the... Continue Reading →

Re:Zero Is Actually Amazing

HEAVY SPOILERS for Season 1 of Re:Zero in this post, if for some weird reason you clicked on it and haven't seen the series already Modern life kinda sucks, doesn't it? Capitalism disenfranchises entire populations and exploits the poor to make the rich even richer. Technology has made us alienated and miserable. Politicians and the... Continue Reading →

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