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Sword Art Online: Progressive – The Anime Asuna Deserves?

Sword Art Online is the ultimate love it or hate it anime. But my feelings on it are kind of... eh? I watched it a couple years ago working a late night job, and it was entertaining enough to keep me awake during my downtime. After the first arc, though, the writing issues became more... Continue Reading →

Music in Anime: How Yuki Kajiura Defined Modern Anime OSTs

Maybe it's from playing classical piano as a kid, but I've always been fascinated by movie, TV and game soundtracks. A lot of artistry and craft goes into writing the perfect piece to stir and audience's heartstrings, and often these composers don't get the credit they're due. So today I wanted to talk about one... Continue Reading →

Trope Overload: Romance in Anime

So, romance. It's a huge part of our culture and the media we consume every day. And of course, it's a big deal in anime - with Valentine's Day around the corner, a ton of my anime blogging friends have been writing about some of their favorite love stories and romantic couples in the medium.... Continue Reading →

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