Trope Overload: Why Is There So Much Isekai (Another World) Anime?

Sword Art Online If you have watched any anime in the past 10 years, you're undoubtedly familiar with the genre of isekai (meaning "another world") fantasy. Ever since Sword Art Online became a hit back in 2012, there's been a cavalcade of shows about ordinary Japanese guys who get transported to a fantasy world with... Continue Reading →

Trope Overload: The Appeal of the Antihero

The lovable antiheroes of Cowboy Bebop, who do the right thing for the wrong reasons Hi, everyone, this is a new series I'm tentatively calling Trope Overload. I am fascinated by the narrative devices we use to shape the stories we tell, and wanted to talk about some of my favorites here. It's a bit... Continue Reading →

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